How to pitch

Freelance Journalism

By admin In Advice

If you want to get into freelance journalism, you need to pitch ideas. Here are some pointers…

Show that you’ve read the magazine / paper / website that you’re pitching to by suggesting a section or a slot that it could work for

Don’t send an overly long email, a couple of short paragraphs explaining the idea should be more than enough.

Provide a couple of links to your work. This can even be your Twitter bio if you don’t have anything published yet. Don’t attach a 5,000 word dissertation you wrote at uni.

Show why you’re the best person to write said idea – whether it’s because you have a personal connection to a key subject, a really good ‘in’ or just a passion for it.

Is there a topical hook for your idea? This could be a news story or a book / film / TV programme coming out or it could be a moment in the zeitgeist. Basically, why is it interesting right now?

In general, chase a week after pitching to someone with a polite follow-up email. If it’s not right for that particular publication, is there a way you can re-tool it and pitch it somewhere else?